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Import eBay to Etsy, Part 2


Now, we continue this article set of Import eBay to Etsy, which started in Part 1 here: http://www.esaproductmanager.com/import-ebay-etsy-part-1/

Import your eBay Template into Etsy (Step 3)

eBay Description

Step 3 is always the most difficult for Import eBay to Etsy cases, especially with complex eBay templates. Etsy does not support any HTML in the description field. Therefore, we shall look at each choice. This is so you can successfully import the best possible description.

On the left, is a sample eBay item, with a custom template. The Get eBay Item button allows you to retrieve an eBay item. The window also shows that an eBay Template exists and must be converted into Etsy. With this in mind, we can now review each of the Description options. Consequently, pressing the Finish button without making any choices will import a blank Description into Etsy.

The image below shows the options available.


Etsy Import Description OptionsImport eBay to Etsy: Condition Name

This is provided by eBay.  Used or New. Turn the checkbox “ON” to transfer this to Etsy.

Import eBay to Etsy: Condition Description

As provided on eBay. For example: Good Condition, small wear.

ebay item specifics

Import eBay to Etsy: Item Specifics

Because these vary by eBay Category (see example on left), you may not have any. Rather, if you do, these only show if the Checkbox is “ON”, and there are Item Specifics for those products that can be imported from your eBay Listings to Etsy.

Import eBay to Etsy: All Description Text

This will bring over all Text that is found after the HTML is removed. It can include Menu and other items that you don’t want. If so, turn off this checkbox. Then select Text in the Yellow Boxes that you want to see come over. This will avoid this issue. If you have more than one template, it may take awhile. This means several attempts to get the description you want.

Video Help for Step 3

We provide additional examples of what to do in our Video:

Import eBay to Etsy

Import eBay to Etsy




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