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How to Improve Your Store’s Shipping and Fulfillment Services

Does your store have a well-thought-out shipping and fulfillment process? Or, perhaps, you just wing it with each order while hoping for the best?

If you are winging it, then consider this. First of all, try to recall the last time you ordered something that arrived sloppily packaged, or, even worse, damaged. And secondly, remember how it made you feel.

Annoyed, right?

And although you may have had plenty of thoughts going through your head at the time, the main one probably went something like this:

“That’s the last time I order from that seller, because it’s obvious they don’t care about their customers.”

Which is exactly how your customers will feel if you don’t take your store’s shipping and fulfillment strategy seriously. . .

In fact, warns Shopify blogger Richard Lazazzera, “Shipping can make or break your business in multiple ways. Choose the wrong shipping partner and your customers may suffer a poor experience. Don’t plan out your shipping strategy and you could end up unprofitable.”

Shipping Strategyshipping and fulfillment

A store’s shipping and fulfillment service should be seen as a natural extension of its inventory management plan. In other words, the same care and oversight are necessary to achieve a successful outcome.

The key ingredients of an effective shipping strategy are packaging and marketing. You want to create a customer experience that leaves a positive impression. For example, the types of packaging materials you use, as well as how you package and send, will affect a customer’s overall experience.

Shipping Costs

I’ve listed sources below that can help you learn more about shipping and fulfillment costs, how to decide who pays what, and if a third party shipper makes sense for your business.

A good rule of thumb is to keep packages as small as possible because shipping costs are based on size and weight. Adds Lazazzera, “This will help you save not only on shipping costs incurred by you and your customer but to also keep packaging costs from eating away your profit margin.”

Create a Lasting Effect

In the end, it’s crucial to realize that most customers purchase items as a gift for themselves or others. Consequently, when a box arrives at their doorstep they feel the same excitement they would when receiving any kind of gift.

So indulge them, while, henceforth, leaving them with a fabulous impression of your business. And you can bet they’ll be back for more.


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