adding brand personality with colorful ribbons, gifts, cards, etc

The Key Benefits of Adding Brand Personality to Your Store

Adding brand personality to your store helps you stand out from the competition. That’s because it speaks to the customer in a non-verbal emotional way, and, when done right, keeps them coming back for more.

Adding brand personality involves perception, awareness and values

Creates a positive perception in your customers’ minds

To begin with, you should have a well designed store that is customer friendly.

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Then, if you’ve done your homework identifying your target market and creating buyer personas, you should know precisely what makes your customers tick.

In effect, this knowledge is what you build your brand personality on. And your potential customers need to perceive “it” the moment they arrive at your site.

Imparts awareness of what your brand can do for them

It’s important to remember that adding brand personality is part of an overall marketing strategy. That said, how you communicate the benefits of your brand to your customer is what will keep their attention.

adding brand personality (figures with colorful party hats)So let your brand personality shine.

Create excitement with pertinent photographs, product descriptions, and blogging. Furthermore, you can use your About page to explain how your product(s) can make their lives easier, save them time, solve a problem, etc.

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Helps customers recognize intrinsic value over price

To reiterate, your brand personality should reflect an understanding of your target customer’s wants and needs while also offering them helpful solutions.

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In fact, it is this exact quality that will attract visitors to your store—and convert them into buyers. That’s because adding brand personality can inspire an emotional sense of urgency in customers to buy, NOW.

Not only that, but . . . consequently, when they can intrinsically “feel” the value of your brand, price then becomes less of an obstacle.


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