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The Art of Brainstorming Keywords to Drive Online Sales

The best way to drive online sales is to think like a customer. In fact, this is very helpful in brainstorming for keywords and phrases that your customers might google when searching for a product like yours.

But how to add search engine keywords to your website is a subject for an entirely different post. Here, I simply want to focus on fun ways for you to “discover” your own keywords and phrases. And also to help you understand how finding the right ones can help to drive online sales.

What does your eBay Product Offer the Customer?

This may seem self-explanatory for your word gathering process. However, it’s always a good idea to take a step back to get a better picture of what really motivates customers and drives online sales.

But you have to think beyond the obvious features. Instead, think about the potential benefits of your eBay store product:

  • Does it make your customer’s life easier?
  • Can it be used as a time or money saver?
  • Or is it something that brings them joy?

Remember, it is often customers’ emotions that drive online sales—or any other sales for that matter. That’s why it’s important to include words and phrases that relate to their emotions such as “easy,” stress-free,” “best,” or “exciting.”

Create Categories and Subcategories of Topicsdrive online sales

You’ll also want to use words and phrases that describe the tangible and straightforward features of your eBay or Shopify product. Start by creating different topic categories and list all the pertinent features you can think of that could help drive online sales.

You can then create topic subcategories with the intangible emotional keywords you’ve already identified. The result will be customized keywords and phrases that accurately describe your product or service.

If you’re still having difficulty, there are automated services designed to help you choose the best keywords and phrases that will drive online sales. One example is the Google Keyword tool. And there are many more. The sources I’ve listed below will provide additional information.

Happy word gathering!



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