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4 Ways to Make Multichannel Integration Painless

Multichannel integration automates and synchronizes inventory, pricing, and product details. That is to say, it allows you to integrate all of your sales channels under one hub. But the quandary for many multichannel retailers is often how and where to begin.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Keep Your Inventory Offerings Simple

It’s easier to sell and track one type of widget. Moreover, many retailers sell the same inventory across multiple channels because it increases their probability of selling their products.

However, without multichannel integration their numbers are subject to error.  And this can result in negative sales experiences.

Focus on the Customer Experience

For the seller, a negative sales experience from a manual inventory error can lead to bad reviews from unhappy customers.

“When a product sells out on Amazon reserving the last unit of inventory at the warehouse,” stresses David Anderson from Unleashed Technologies, “the last thing you want as a retailer is to be unaware that the product is still available for sale on your other channels, like your website or eBay.”

But, for the customer, it’s even more personal.

For example, if something is not in stock – even though the website said it was – they are likely to be angry and dissatisfied enough to go shop elsewhere.

This fact alone should be enough to convince you to integrate your systems for multichannel selling.

Use It to Optimize Your Operations

Syncing inventory over multiple channels creates operational efficiency and helps you to:

  • effectively manage sales,
  • increase employee productivity,
  • improve data accuracy,
  • keep optimum inventory levels,
  • and, seamlessly track inventory in real time.

woman at computer painless multichannel integration successTest It Out Before Buying

Did you know you can try out a multichannel inventory integration app for free? That way, you can see firsthand if it’s something that can benefit your business.

Many sites offer free trials, to be sure. You can click here to check out the free trial from esa Product Manager.

In short, knowing the positive impact on both your operations and the customer experience makes multichannel integration worth the costs. And hopefully, also a painless experience that can lead to success.





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