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The 10 Most Prevalent Traits of Really Successful Online Stores (Part 2)

successful online stores

Successful online stores always put the customer first and so should you. With this in mind, here are more features that can make your service shine (you can read about the first five features in Part 1 of this article).

#6 Easy payment process

Remember, even at checkout, people can still change their mind. I bet you’ve done it before. I know I have. That’s why you want to make the checkout process ridiculously easy. Don’t let potential customers change their mind or get frustrated because of a confusing process or by only offering them limited payment options.

#7 Free shipping

Why not? A point often overlooked is that most successful online stores, including many eBay, Etsy and Shopify stores, offer free shipping.

If you’re a buyer, and all else being equal, who are you going to purchase from: The store with shipping fees or the store with free shipping? Yup, I thought so. Me too.

#8 Security and transparency

Customers need reassurance. Give it to them with things like proper security settings and clearly displayed store policies and procedures.

Equally important are confidentiality and data security. To be sure, these are the same kinds of concerns sellers often have when they need to import listings from eBay to another online store.

#9 Loyalty programs

How do successful online stores stand out from the crowd? In short, by making their customers feel valued. They offer them perks like personalized offers, discounts after a certain amount of purchases and discount codes.

#10 Product reviews

Customers can be the best advocate for your online store. As an illustration, you can see by the Esa Product Manager reviews on this site how effective it can be to allow your customers to review products.

In essence, what you need to succeed is a well-defined yet flexible business strategy based on the customer’s needs. In other words, to have a successful online store, you must accept that the customer is always right.






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