multi channel selling shown by seven different color balloons each with the word sales printed on it

New to Multi Channel Selling? Here’s What You Need to Know

The primary reason multi channel selling exists is simple. It’s to get your products into the hands of as many potential customers as possible.

But you still need to target your specific customer. To be that big fish in the small pond.

For example, you wouldn’t market your professional women’s clothing line to anyone but professional women. Right? And that’s still true – no matter how many different channels, online or off, you sell on.

In fact, by understanding who your customers are and where they are shopping, you can exponentially increase your store’s traffic and revenue.

Bigcommerce blogger Tracey Wallace agrees, and explains that it’s because today’s commerce industry is multi channel. She also emphasizes that it’s the retailers who are quick to embrace this “sell-anywhere-to-sell-more attitude” who are the most successful in the long run.

multi channel selling depicted by four mannequin figures each holding an interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieceWith this in mind, here is just a sampling of what multi channel selling can do for you:

Grow your store’s sales

The best chance for increasing your bottom line is to integrate your products across appropriate sales channels. Simply put, multi channel selling can help your business reach new numbers on a global scale.

Give your business an edge

By providing your customers with a consistent quality of experience, no matter how many marketplaces you sell through. The attention to their positive experience creates both brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Increase your target clientele

Multi channel selling boosts your business exposure. As a result, you can attract a broader cross section of customers across different marketplaces.

In the end, probably the single most important marketing strategy for ecommerce success is to list products in multiple online marketplaces. And for good reason. “These platforms,” writes Wallace, “put you directly in the path of consumers who are looking for products with wallets in hand.”


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