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Shopify Hits 300,000 Stores. Multi-Channel to Shopify sellers take note.


Shopify has now hit 300,000 stores (Shopify source article). This again shows a terrific increase from 4 months ago when the 250,000 store barrier was breached. Who knows where it will end, maybe in the millions? There are hundreds of millions of business out there who could multi-channel to Shopify.

As of December, 2016, Shopify is now claiming to have reached 325,000 stores.

Exceptional Growth

As Shopify shows, the market out there is changing. No longer do people sell only one channel. It’s important to reach as many customers as possible and that means branching out. Multi-Channel to Shopify sellers take a short term financial hit, but a long term windfall for those that are successful.

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