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One Simple Trick to Getting Great Online Reviews

How do you get great online reviews? In a word, trust. You earn it by listening to your customers and responding accordingly. And if you need more convincing, then consider this: because eBay, Shopify and other consumers are increasingly wary these days, they are much more likely to base their purchasing decisions on what their peers have to say.

So they are listening to each other. And this phenomenon is growing.

Graham Charlton from Econsultancy couldn’t agree more. He points out that 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. That’s why, in his professional opinion, online reviews are now essential for e-commerce sites.

But what can you do to improve mediocre online reviews? The best place to start is to answer these questions:online reviews

Are You Encouraging Customer Feedback?

Or are you ignoring it? If it’s the latter, then sadly you’ll never be able to understand your customer. And your business will surely suffer.

On the other hand, it’s not that hard to get and/or improve online reviews. You can simply ask customers to review the products from a recent order by sending them a personal note or an email. By doing this consistently, you can get a very clear picture of what you’re doing right, and, conversely, where you can improve things.

Charlton adds that online reviews increase conversions. “They can eliminate any doubts potential customers may have about a product, or can help product selection.”

Are you Demonstrating Authenticity?

An honest and appreciative demeanor towards customers lets them see your genuineness. Be willing to help them. When you listen to and follow through on their concerns in a timely manner, you forge a human relationship. And it doesn’t get much more authentic than that.

In essence, if you pay attention to what your customers say, whether positive or negative, and focus on their needs, you will earn their trust. Equally important, your efforts will pay off when you receive a slew of great online reviews.











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