photo of multichannel seller thinking while standing in front of whiteboard with illustrations and other connected diagrams

One Thing Every New Multichannel Seller Needs to Do

photo of multichannel seller thinking while standing in front of whiteboard with illustrations and other connected diagramsAre you looking to expand your product listings to online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy? Then you need to figure out which platforms are most relevant to your services and products.

The reason being is that every successful multichannel seller must first understand who their customers are and how they like to shop. And this is indeed significant. Because it allows you to control the quality of the customer’s shopping experience, no matter the channel or platform.

Focus on your brand rather than the channel

When you provide customers a seamless experience across platforms, you can bet they’ll not only come back, but they’ll also tell others about what a great experience they had.

To put it another way, it is the quality of customer service that is critical to a business’s success. And moreover, by extension, this dynamic, can become a very powerful long-term advertiser for your brand.

Repeat business and customer referrals,” explains Jake Gasaway,are key in increasing sales and expanding brand awareness.”

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Now, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider what you look for in an online shopping experience: Ease of purchase? Constancy of stock? Consistency of message? All of the above, and maybe even more?

Well, chances are, these are the same things your customers want.

“Keep in mind,” notes content marketing specialist Sofie De Beule, “that the ultimate goal of a seamless customer experience is to make it easy for customers to do business with your company.”

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In the final analysis, it is the multichannel sellers who understand – and apply – brand consistency across channels that are the most successful.

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