Read What These 3 Experts Say About Ecommerce Blogging

animated ecommerce blogging image of tiny laptop with info flying outMany online businesses either don’t have a blog or are without an effective ecommerce blogging strategy. In both cases, though, the reason is usually the same. There seems to be an uncertainty about not only what to write, but, also, how to write it.

If this sounds like your business, then read on for some expert advice.

“It’s about your customers and their wants and needs”

ecommerce blogging that focuses on customersContent marketing expert Ana Gotter points out that your blog should contain content that your target audience wants to read. This is what adds value.

A thoughtful, deliberate blogging strategy can help you nurture customer relationships, generate recurring inbound traffic, and give you a way to promote new products and services while building your brand. Just remember that it’s not about you, it’s about your customers and their wants and needs.

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“It’s a very good medium for telling a story”

Professional blogger Dan Wang explains that if you own a business and run a store, chances are you have an interesting story of your founding.

hands typing on manual typewriter in ecommerce bloggingJust look at the anatomy of a blog. There’s a headline, to lead your readers to know what to expect. You have the space to tell a story. You can include lots of cool visuals. Whatever you tweet fits in a blog post; and you can post videos there too. It’s a very good medium for telling a story.

And then Wang adds some ideas for content: Maybe your store started as a side gig and grew into something greater? Maybe you built your business after tapping into the needs of a community? Perhaps you were inspired to build something after a trip abroad?

After all, he notes, people respond emotionally to stories.

“Your own blog is one of the best places to utilize keywords”

SEO and blogging specialist Lyndi Catania notes that where you use keywords can determine the overall success of your ecommerce blogging strategy.

Your own blog is one of the best places to utilize keywords, especially since you have control over which ones and how they’re incorporated in the sentence.

keywords image for ecommerce bloggingTo that end, Catania advises to not forget that you’re writing for the reader, not Google. So once you perform your keyword research and narrow down which are most applicable to your blog post and website, you’ll have to work it into your post naturally.

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In the long run, having an effective ecommerce blogging strategy is crucial to marketing and developing a strong web presence. That’s because it helps instill confidence and trust in your readers’ minds, which, ultimately, leads to more sales conversions.


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