head with colored arros representing psychology of selling

3 Secrets You Didn’t Know On the Psychology of Selling

head with colored arros representing psychology of sellingWhile most sellers understand the basic principles involved in the psychology of selling, there are certain underlying concepts that may not be as well known. What’s more is their revelation can help online sellers see their business in a whole new light.

How the “halo effect” influences the customer’s perception

The halo effect is a type of cognitive bias in which our overall impression of a person influences how we feel and think about their character. And we can apply this to the psychology of selling.

It happens when a brand evokes something familiar to the customer. They’ll believe it possesses similar qualities to what they’re remembering, giving them the impression of the business as an authority or expert. And thus it decreases the risk of them not making a purchase.

The most effective sales strategy is to continue on the path

Perhaps not a secret, per se, but it’s one that’s often ignored. It shouldn’t be though.

That’s because consistency is brand image at its best. It shows customers you’re here to stay. In fact, having a business mindset with a commitment to be consistent is the most productive way to create trust and build relationships that lead to long-term customers.

Anecdotes work better than statistics in customer conversions

People are highly complex, often mysterious, and hard to understand. This makes sense considering that the human brain is wired to focus on emotions before logic.

Therefore it’s important to find a way to relate to customer needs, rather than forcing your product on them. Indeed, sharing the story of a single satisfied customer can have more impact than citing statistics from a multitude of customers.

In the long run, finding the correct “application” to cause someone’s mind to flip to your way of thinking is how you make a sale. And thus the psychology of selling is about getting people to say yes to what you’re asking, but for their own reasons.


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