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Multi-channel platform Shopify hits 250,000 stores


Shopify hits 250,000 storesJust a quick note. Back in April 2014, the Shopify newsletter announced that Shopify had reached 100,000 stores. As of this month emails from Shopify are claiming to have reached the 250,000 level. That is nearly a 58% annual growth rate, simply spectacular. How much of this comes from Multi-channel Shopify sellers from eBay is unclear. Meanwhile competitor Bigcommerce has also at least doubled in the same time from 50,000 to over 100,000 stores today. Etsy of course, remains the champion with over 1.5 million claimed shops.

All this proves that it is more critical than ever for small business looking to grow to branch out and grow.  Multi-channel selling exposes your products to new customers. As an added bonus, eCommerce stores like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Etsy can reduce your cost of doing business as well. While Amazon and eBay do remain the “Retail Kings of the Internet”, the others have moved into “Crown Prince” status.

The key, of course, is your time. Adding a new channel can be time-consuming with a difficult learning curve. Instead of growing your business, you find yourself working with an inventory management application that is visually compelling with it’s many wonderful bells and whistles, but consumes huge amounts of your time. This reminds me of the “picture-in-a-picture” TV technology. When it first came out, there were lots of sales, then it faded away when people realized it was impractical and even annoying to use. I see the same things today in much of the solutions offered in inventory management.

Focusing On Your Business

Well, we haven’t made that mistake. Your focus should be on your business, finding the right products to buy and sell at a profit to you. For example, our app will import and automatically organize your products as you request in your store. We process your sales on both eBay and the store. We add and remove products, as things change.  And we can update prices as things change. The best news is, this all happens in background, seamlessly, and you don’t need to intervene. Most of our customers go for months without needing to come back and make any changes to the app or have any questions.

Do you know how to list on eBay? Adjust quantities?  Then your learning is complete. We do the rest. It really is that easy. Set and Forget.

In ever-competitive times, it’s important to be free to make the right decisions.  So I would advise you to look through our customer reviews, videos and training materials here on the site, and give us a try. It could be one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made.

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