woman at computer showing frustration with multichannel listings

How to Successfully Manage Your Multichannel Listings

woman at computer showing frustration with multichannel listings

Many sellers start out with a single store on eBay or Shopify. Moreover, they usually manage most of the administrative work themselves, including updating product listings and tracking inventory “by hand.”

But then when they expand their store offerings to more than one ecommerce channel, they often continue to manage their multichannel listings by hand.

Although this may seem easy at first, it can soon become a real nightmare.

That’s because managing listings across different channels — which means never running out of inventory anywhere — takes keen coordination, precision, and an eagle-eye-like attention to detail. And that’s hard work.

Ecommerce expert Mike Morgan couldn’t agree more. “Indeed our research clearly indicates that inventory management is the number one challenge keeping multi-channel retailers awake at night.”

Avoid tiresome administration

It’s no secret that you can reach a larger percentage of your potential market with multichannel listings in numerous digital marketplaces.

Of course it’s great to be able to increase your ecommerce visibility, but the flip side is that it also increases your workload.


To be sure, listing, managing, updating, and shipping products from one website alone is very time consuming. But when you multiply that by the number of channels you’re on . . . you can see the potential for real error.

Adjust stock levels in real time

This is crucial. Otherwise, you risk losing frustrated customers.

The main benefit of integrating your multichannel listings is that a product listing is updated just once. In other words, every time you sell an item the stock level automatically changes across every sales channel — in real time!

And this gives you more time to focus on your business.

So it is definitely worth your while to invest in good multichannel listing software like Esa Product Manager. In short, it will not only make your life easier, but also your ecommerce business more successful.

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