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How to Take Control of Your Shopify or eBay Shipping Costs

Here are a few resourceful tips that can help Shopify or eBay sellers save money on shipping. Please keep in mind this is not a definitive list; instead, its purpose is to assist you in coming up with your own creative ideas.

Use Hand-Me-Down Shipping Supplies

“Why pay top dollar for shipping supplies when you can get them for free?” asks online selling expert Skip McGrath.

To this end, he notes there are viable sources for free shipping supplies, boxes and packing materials, such as your local gift shop or kitchen store.

“These merchants,” explains McGrath, “receive shipments on a daily basis of usually fragile items that require large amounts of bubble pak, styrofoam peanuts and sturdy boxes.”

shopify or ebay seller hands entering shipping info on laptopRoll Shipping Cost into Selling Price

You can either bill a shipping cost separately or include it in the price of your item. If you decide on the latter, then you can advertise as Free Shipping.

This can increase a Shopify or eBay seller’s visibility and add flexibility to a buyer’s options.

“Try listing your item by including the shipping amount in your selling price and offer Free Shipping,” suggests Marsha Collier from, “then offer buyers a second shipping option for Priority Mail at a charge. Your item will still get the benefit of eBay’s Free Shipping search preference.”

Here’s more on free shipping:

Consider an Online Postage Service

Shopify or eBay sellers who ship via the USPS often overlook services such as because they don’t want another monthly expense.

But Collier sees it differently. She says that if you’re questioning whether you need an online postage service, then you should consider the tangible benefits.

“Being able to hand your packages to the postal carrier beats standing in line at the post office, and having records of all your shipments on your own computer is worth the monthly fee.”

All in all, there are many ways for Shopify or eBay sellers to save money on shipping costs. This is just a starting point to get you thinking.

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