business owner online store problems and troubles

4 Telltale Signs Your Online Store Needs a Facelift—Pronto!

business owner online store problems and troublesEver get the feeling that something’s not quite right, yet you can’t put your finger on it?

Of course uncertainty can pertain to almost anything in our lives, but when it comes to running a profitable online store, in particular, the telltale signs of problems can usually be found hidden in plain sight.

That means if you’ve been less than successful so far, well, it may just be time to roll up the sleeves, do some investigative work, and implement needed changes.

With this in mind, here are four signs to look out for:

#1: Low Conversion Rates

Do you have a marketing plan in place? If not, customers may be having a hard time finding your store; or worse, sticking around if they do.

So don’t wing it. Instead, develop a detailed traffic strategy that drives customers to your store and motivates them to make a purchase. By giving them compelling reasons to visit, you’ll be rewarded with their business.

#2: The Wrong Demographic

Certain products (t-shirts, baby clothing, wedding favors, etc.) appeal to a very broad demographic. In other words, you’ll face competition and risk. You may, for example, find your online store:

  • Not ranking in search engines for targeted keywords
  • Not standing out from the competition
  • Having its pricing undercut by competitors

Conversely, if you pick a niche that is too narrow, you risk not having enough customers.

#3: Poor Web Design

Critically look at your store’s website. Better yet, imagine you’re a potential customer visiting for the first time. You’ll want to take note of everything from the site’s speed to its overall credibility.

The best general advice is to use a simple layout. Make it easy for your customer while also including clear calls to action. Otherwise you’ll lose potential sales. Every time.

#4: Lack of Clear Policies

This one really goes hand in hand with poor web design. How? Because if you don’t offer clear return policies or easy-to-find information, visitors will get frustrated and perhaps even a bit annoyed. And then they’ll leave.

But, on the other hand, by adding a simple FAQs page you can address and speak directly to your customers’ concerns.

In the end, your store’s success depends on how the customer feels. So if you can find this happy medium, your online store can be profitable and highly rated.



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