Fastest Ways to Find Your Target Market

The 3 Fastest Ways to Find Your Target Market

Fastest Ways to Find Your Target MarketThe reality is that if you’re targeting everyone, you’re targeting no one. And since you can’t be all things to all people it’s crucial to find your target market now.

They are the specific well-defined group of people who are the end users of your product. So it’s your job to not only locate them, but to motivate them to purchase.

Therefore, your products and marketing campaigns need to be focused on their needs and desires. Otherwise, they won’t buy from you.

#1 Understand who your core market is

We all know that demographic factors such as age, location, gender, education, occupation, and more can influence purchases.

So you can use them to find your target market, especially if you focus on a small core. For example, choose two markers you feel best define them. From there, you could determine one to three secondary markers to flesh out your ideal buyer.

Then monitor their interests to see what’s important to them, where they hang out (online and off) and what they’re exposed to.

#2 Gain insight into why they buy things

Once you have a fundamental understanding of your core demographic, you can go a step further using something called psychographics.

Put simply, this is a method of describing human traits based on psychological attributes that can help sellers understand what motivates their buyers to take action.

The more you know about your market and the media they consume, the more you’ll become familiar with the trends, thoughts, personalities and values shared by its members.

#3 Market to your ideal buyer persona

Management consultant Peter Drucker once noted that the aim of marketing is to know and understand your customer so well that your product fits him and sells itself.

This pearl of wisdom underscores that in order to find your target market you need to create an ideal buyer persona – and then speak directly to this “person” in your marketing campaigns.

Remember, having a targeted buyer profile is not meant to exclude anyone. Rather, it’s about keeping your message focused on the people who will make the most impact.


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