brainstorming about offline marketing for online sellers

The Best Advice About Offline Marketing for Online Sellers

brainstorming about offline marketing for online sellersThese days, the more traditional forms of advertising are often been overlooked in favor of using online technology to get the word out about a business.

But that shouldn’t be the case—particularly because offline marketing for online sellers offers just as many or even more opportunities to attract new customers.

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It often requires little or no capital

This is not always true, of course, especially when it comes to things like advertising in magazines or newspapers.

But when considering cost effective methods of offline marketing for online sellers, there are numerous options available that can generate more traffic to your store.

Here are a few examples:

  • Word of mouth (tell friends, family, and coworkers about your business)
  • Asking for referrals from previous customers
  • Participating in local professional events that attract your target market
  • Guerilla marketing (business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, etc)

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It creates a sense of authenticity

Truth is, people are so used to seeing online advertisements that they don’t even notice them anymore.

On the other hand, though, they do respond positively to things they can feel or touch. That’s because customers value something tangible and personal in a world that’s quickly becoming more digital and remote.

Plus, on a subconscious level, potential customers see you’re willing to go the extra mile for their attention—which is why offline advertising is a faster way of establishing relationships and building loyalty.


In the end, the best advice about offline marketing for online sellers is that traditional advertising can still be very effective. It has been around for decades and is not only reliable, but well worth the effort. And you can often generate impressive returns as a result.


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