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The Ultimate Way to Write an Amazing Product Description

Your product description must answer the buyer’s question: “What’s in it for me?” If it doesn’t, your would-be buyer will find another eBay or ecommerce seller offering the same product. And you can bet it will be one who can answer their WIIFM question.

Now not only will your competitor likely get the sale, but the buyer may even be willing to pay more for the same item.

Tell a Visual Story

The goal of a well written product description is to engage, persuade and sell. For example, look at how encourages its copywriters to build excitement for something as mundane as a pencil:

“Fill in those standardized test papers with a little help from our sunny No. 2 pencil. This writing instrument is ideal for everyday use and features a handy built-in eraser to correct any mistakes quickly and easily.”

By focusing on one unique attribute – the color of the pencil barrel – this example turns a product description into a visual story written for a specific buyer.

Highlight Benefits, not Features

product descriptionDo you know the difference? This is indeed a tough question that requires some thought. You can start by writing down all the features and attributes of your product.

In the case of the pencil example above, you might write down attributes such as its lead grade, eraser, and instrument sturdiness. While these are important features, they are not benefits. A key point to remember is that a benefit is defined by how a product makes a customer feel.

As an example, the pencil’s No. 2 lead grade is soft making it easy to work with. So if you are a student taking your SAT’s, you want a stress-free writing instrument you can depend on. Dependability is a benefit.

Likewise, the color of the pencil itself is sunny and cheerful. And these positive emotions are benefits too.

All in all, it is the quality of your descriptions that can make or break a sale. So taking the time to create an amazing product description is very much worth the effort.



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