writing eBay product description bridge of words

Top 3 Tips for Writing an Effective eBay Product Description

writing eBay product description bridge of wordsWhile writing can indeed be daunting, its rewards are well worth the effort. That is to say, by effectively communicating a message clearly and concisely, the writer builds a bridge for their reader to cross.

In this same way, a well-written eBay product description has the power to convert visitors into buyers. Here are three great tips to help you do just that:

Focus on the Problem

Defining how a product solves a customer’s problem is the essence of understanding its benefit.

Maybe you sell phone cases, for example, and they are a great product because of their durability.

Now, imagine you’re the customer and you need a sturdy phone case for whatever reason. Perhaps you’ve dropped a phone in the past or you just want a high-quality case to keep your new phone in good shape.

So, from the customer’s perspective, which of these “ads” appeal to you more?

This phone case is made with layers of carbon fibers and reinforced plastic

With this case, your phone could survive any fall

A product’s benefit is always defined through the human element.

Sell Yourself as the Seller

Customers will have numerous questions and you’ll have to do your best to address them in your eBay product description. Questions can include everything from product features and benefits to condition to pricing and shipping information.

Still, when it comes down to it, there really are just two fundamental questions in your customer’s mind: “Is (the item) what I want?” and “How trustworthy is this seller?”

So use your descriptions as a way to build confidence and trust in your business.

Keep it Short and Simple

cartoon of man writing a long eBay product descriptionBecause if you don’t, you risk losing potential buyers who don’t want to read through layers of unnecessary information.

Here are some ideas to keep your product listing easy to read and visually appealing:

  • Limit paragraphs to three sentences or less;
  • Use only a handful of paragraphs, or, better yet, a bulleted list; and
  • Create headings to outline unrelated specifics.

In the end, your eBay product description should be based not only on answering important questions related to confidence and trust, but also on building excitement in the customer’s mind.

And it is precisely this combination that will ensure a sturdy bridge for your customers to cross.






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