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4 Useful Hacks for Managing Ecommerce Shipping

useful hacks for managing ecommerce shippingWithout a doubt, managing ecommerce shipping can be a burdensome task. However, there are some essential strategies you can incorporate that give you a solid foundation.

Define what you want to accomplish

A well-thought-out shipping strategy is crucial for ecommerce success. And it starts with defining your goals.

Do you want to increase conversions? Decrease your costs? Or perhaps you want to improve operational efficiency? Give yourself some time to brainstorm and research.

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Compare and contrast carrier plans

Another important aspect of effectively managing ecommerce shipping is flexibility. That is to say, you don’t have to lock yourself into using only one carrier.

Of course each store’s own shipping plan will depend on the types of products they ship. Generally speaking, however, regularly comparing shippers can save you money due to things like weight, dimensions, and destination of the package.

Be clear about your shipping rates

The worst thing you can do is surprise customers at checkout with shipping and handling fees they weren’t expecting. In fact, this is one of the top reasons for cart abandonment.

To be clear, it doesn’t matter whether you offer free shipping, charge customers what you get charged, or have a flat rate. What does matter is that you provide pertinent information to customers well before checkout.

This means posting rates and options throughout your site, preferably on every page.

Hire a dropshipping company

If the amount of work involved in managing ecommerce shipping feels overwhelming, then why not outsource instead? Hiring a dropshipping company can be a cost- and time-effective way to manage the headaches and stress.

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But don’t forget to consistently monitor every step of the dropshipping process for each and every purchase to make sure there are no snafus. And to immediately fix any that pop up. After all, your store’s reputation is at stake here.

In the long run, the secret to successfully managing ecommerce shipping is having a plan that cuts into your margin as little as possible, while still remaining attractive to customers.



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