esa Product Manager Videos

We have put together a range of helpful videos for you to use when configuring your sync from eBay to Shopify, Etsy or Bigcommerce. Please contact us if you have a question not covered in one of these videos.

Shopify & BigCommerce Videos

Your First Import from eBay: Shopify & BigCommerce

Getting Started: BigCommerce

Getting Started with eBay Sync: Shopify & BigCommerce

How to Authoize eBay Sync: Shopify & BigCommerce

How the App Deals With Duplicates: Shopify & BigCommerce

Import from eBay Options: Shopify & BigCommerce

More on eBay Duplicates: Shopify & BigCommerce

Actions When No eBay Items Are Found: Shopify & BigCommerce

Etsy Videos

Getting Started With eBay Import & Sync: Etsy

Import From eBay & Sync Options: Etsy

Login and eBay Import Sync Menu: Etsy

Mapping Tool Setup For Sync: Etsy

Finding Items After Sync: Etsy

Description Builder Setup For Conversion & Sync: Etsy

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