graphic with man thinking of ideas on how to improve your online store's SEO

Want to Improve Your Online Store’s SEO? Try This 3 Easy to Implement Ideas To Increase Your Store’s Organic Traffic

graphic with man thinking of ideas on how to improve your online store's SEOThere are of course many ways to improve your online store’s SEO, some easier than others. But if you’re short on time, or don’t understand or care about how SEO works, then you may want to try at least one of these relatively simple strategies.

Create internal and external links

Internal links are hyperlinks leading readers to another page of your website that relates to the topic you’re writing about. Here’s an example:

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Conversely, external links lead readers to a reputable page on a different website. In fact, linking to trustworthy material helps you appear as an authority yourself. Plus it helps search engines figure out what your content is about for SEO purposes.

Both types of links can be added using an article’s title (as shown above) or by using clickable text, better known as anchor text.

Simply put, internal and external links can both improve your online store’s SEO by increasing its visibility and ranking with search engines.

Use relevant keywords and phrases

chart with results on how to improve your online store's SEOAnother easy way to improve your online store’s SEO is to develop keywords and phrases that relate directly to your business and its products.

This helps search engines decide if your content is relevant to search queries.

You can use keywords and phrases throughout your website, but don’t overuse them or simply stuff them in anywhere. Make sure they fit in naturally and flow easily with your overall writing. Otherwise, your site will likely be ignored by search engine algorithms.

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Ensure an excellent user experience

When it comes to your site’s design and functionality, there are two primary points to keep in mind: fast speed and simple, intuitive navigation.

In other words, not only do your pages need to load quickly, but users should be able to get to any page on your site in just one or two clicks.

After all, the user experience is arguably the most important ranking signal for search engines. And, if done well, it can result in better conversion rates for your products.

And that’s all the more reason to give users positive emotions when using your website.

In time you may want to learn about additional SEO strategies, such as creating meta descriptions and title tags, understanding how backlinks work, and developing a content marketing strategy for your site.

Whenever you do what you can to improve your online store’s SEO, you also create the opportunity to increase sales. And this, after all, is the ultimate goal of any business.


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