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3 Things All eBay and Shopify Customers Want

grayscale animated image of eBay and Shopify buyers walking towards us in V-formationAnd it’s not only eBay and Shopify customers, but what all ecommerce customers want: The best possible user experience.

It’s a fact that customers have become choosier these days as a result of giant online retailers like Amazon and Zappos. And there are, consequently, three key things online customers look for in deciding if an ecommerce retailer is trustworthy and reliable:

#1 A Well Designed Store

Is your ecommerce site visually appealing? In particular, you’ll want to focus on displaying accurate and useful product images and descriptions.

Equally important is your site’s speed. It should be fast loading so you don’t lose customers who’d rather not wait around. And, by extension, it should be easy to navigate and have user-friendly search options.

But if you have the budget, it might be worth your while to hire a professional web designer. This could save you time and headaches.

photo of five eBay and Shopify customers looking up at camera all giving a thumbs up#2 Easy Checkouts

Always give shoppers the option to buy as a guest. Simply put, by not requiring them to set up an account to make a purchase you are offering a convenient and a customer-friendly service.

It is also a good idea to offer as many payment options as possible. In addition, if you charge shipping fees, then this information needs to be clearly displayed on the main page of your site.

And, lastly, don’t forget to send a receipt upon purchase to the email address provided.

#3 Good Delivery Performance

Shipping preferences vary from customer to customer. So, offer your eBay and Shopify buyers as many options as you can. They’ll appreciate this flexibility.

Plus, good delivery performance includes giving the customer the ability to track a shipment online while also guaranteeing them easy product returns.

All in all, when you provide an exceptional customer experience eBay and Shopify customers will know that there is a solid company behind the screen. One they can trust and rely on.

And that’s why esa Product Manager offers its potential customers a free trial to check out their service: Because, in the end, it really is all about the user experience.


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