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What We Do – eBay and Amazon Integration with online stores


In a barrage of recent questions, the most common question seems to be what we do. I can answer that simply…look at our app as an extra employee in your small business. Instead of hiring someone to do all the manual work in adding extra sales channels, we have a strong APP that does all that. And our APP is a lot cheaper than an employee! With esa Product Manager you don’t need to pay any benefits or overtime. You don’t need to worry about incompetence, illness, or off days. We are there for you, 24×7, 365 days a year. eBay and Amazon Integration is our development focus, as these are the largest players. But the coming market is Shopify, Bigcommerce and Etsy. We are in the first inning of the next Internet revolution as companies expand outward into other channels.

Our Differentiator

The edge over competitors is the upfront duplicate processing. We can pick up your webstore, regardless of what you have loaded, and figure out what needs to be added from eBay (or Amazon, coming soon), what needs to be deleted, what inventory levels needs to be adjusted and what prices need to be matched. We do all that by weeding out the duplicates first, then applying the options you specify. If there is another APP that does anything like this, I haven’t seen it. The others require a setup and import into their central database and then distribution to the channel(s) you select. Much of this is a repeating manual process, while ours is completely automated. This works great with eBay and Amazon Integration.

Additionally, a common complaint is that products are linked by the customer and that these links frequently break, sometimes for unclear reasons. We don’t have that issue, as our linking is something we do as part of the duplicate identification process, so manual linking of products is not necessary.

Superior Software Means More Productivity

The last thing a small business owner should be doing is babysitting an APP. You should be focusing and thinking about growing your business. Whether you are a seller on Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Etsy, we like to think esa Product Manager takes your worries off the software and back to your profit margins. eBay and Amazon Integration, the way to go.

Try Us Out

Recently, we added a free trial link at This free trial allows import of only 10 items and 2 item deletes, but no inventory or price changes. If you send me an email at with the code “MAC ATTACK”, I will give your store 2 days of unlimited free use. Code expires on October 1st, 2016.

Comments Are Welcome

Some of our best ideas come from our customers. Please let us know in the comments area what you think of our approach and what we can do better. I look forward to hearing from you.

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