what your online sales strategy says to potential buyers

What Your Online Sales Strategy Says to Potential Buyers And how to make sure it is a positive message that influences them to buy!

what your online sales strategy says to potential buyersAn online sales strategy is an ecommerce store’s plan for generating sales and closing deals. Generally speaking, the research involved in its creation and implementation is closely intertwined with an online business’s overall planning.

The first thing to remember is that a customer-oriented focus should be at the heart of any business planning. Thus if a business owner finds their plans lacking in this regard, then they need to be flexible enough to change the way they are doing business.

When planning an online sales strategy, in particular, it’s important to look at how people buy products and what their experience is during the buying process. Here you can ask yourself a couple of questions:

Does it speak the potential buyer’s language?

“The language you use affects how people make decisions,” notes Hazel from Six & Flow, an inbound marketing company. Indeed, this is why it is so important for your message to resonate with your target buyer.

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Simply put, a potential buyer’s emotions often override logic in their decision making process. “Gut instinct, or following [their] heart, still counts for a lot,” adds Hazel.

Does it address their needs and preferences?

The best way to ensure the effectiveness of your online sales strategy is to find out as much as possible about your customers.

“The more a business knows about its customers and their needs and preferences,” explains business writer Leigh Richards, “the more successful its sales strategies will be.”

This means, among other things, understanding what they know, what they value, and what their communication preferences are.

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At its core, a successful online sales strategy articulates the distinctive value and experience a business will deliver to its customers. And it is the same message which should be at the heart of all your planning and preparation–from marketing to brand building to customer retention.


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