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What’s the Best Way to Organize an Ecommerce Site?

typist showing the best way to organize an ecommerce siteTo organize an ecommerce site effectively, always start with the basics. Here, drawing a product tree (so to speak) can be really helpful.

The reason is simple. The exercise will give you an idea of how your products relate to each other. Moreover, you may even see how they could be better arranged or labeled.

For example, you could organize the ones that share similar characteristics into groups or categories. In ecommerce, this type of classification system is known as “taxonomy.”


A funny word, for sure, but having one for your site structure is serious business. Meaning when you organize an ecommerce site using well-defined categories, you make it easy for users to find your products.

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Depending on what you sell, your taxonomy may include numerous categories and sub-categories. And yes, it can get a bit complicated, sorting them all out efficiently.

But most online sellers will find they’re able to group their products into a single line of categories, with each considered relatively equal.

It is this “flat” taxonomy that can serve as a basis for your website navigation menu.

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The best way to organize an ecommerce site is to start by implementing a clear and well-organized taxonomy system—and keeping it updated as necessary.

That’s because using this strategy successfully leads to both an increase in sales and length of time that visitors stay on your site.

Plus it’ll help the search engines find you. After all, when your site makes sense to the user, chances are it’ll make sense to the search algorithms . . . but only if your site’s overall SEO is up to snuff.

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In the long run, organizing ecommerce products by groups not only helps create a more user-friendly ecommerce site. It plays a central role in the website’s development, optimization, and marketing processes, too!


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