open door to sunlight is akin to brand authenticity

Why Brand Authenticity Should Be Your Main Focus

open door to sunlight is akin to brand authenticityAuthenticity is being true to one’s own own personality and spirit. And so, by extension, brand authenticity is a reflection of one’s true self within the customer’s perception of their company, service, or product.

That is to say, as founder of your business you are the brand. In fact, this is precisely what gives you such a unique opportunity to set your business apart.

And why keeping it real should be your main focus.

Delivers the Message

While marketing campaigns are designed to answer the “what’s in it for me” question, good branding takes the message a step further.

It guarantees to deliver on the promised value by offering the message in a heartfelt way that instills confidence. And this, to be sure, is what makes a brand memorable.

What is more is that when you focus on what you do best, customers will come to see you as the sole provider of a solution to their problem or need.

And that’s because brand authenticity evokes trust and loyalty.

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Connects Emotionally

Branding provides a business the opportunity to speak their target customers on an emotional level, while, at the same time, clarifying important information about:

  • who the business is
  • why it is valuable; and
  • what specifically it offers

chalkboard diagram representing brand authenticityYour brand sets you apart in the customer’s eye. In other words, it strikes a chord with them . . . especially when its message is integrated throughout your business.

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And it is this emotional connection that establishes you as an expert while giving them a sense of urgency to buy now.

After all, generating brand authenticity is synonymous with a business’s credibility, and, ultimately, its long term success.


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