Why Product Benefits Are More Marketable Than Features

why product benefits are more marketable than featuresA product’s features can definitely provide customers with something of value in their day-to-day lives. However, a more marketable approach to selling a product is to focus on its benefits instead. As a result, you communicate with buyers on a different level.

They address emotions

A feature is a factual statement about a product. That is, it refers to a particular aspect of the product that can not be disputed, such as its material, shape, or color.

Although a benefit is based on a feature, it is best be described by how a product improves a buyer’s life. Perhaps it makes things easier, faster, or more fun.

why product benefits are more marketable than features

Whatever the case, at its essence, a benefit strikes an emotional chord–meaning that a true benefit can only be experienced by the feeling it produces. Therefore, it is crucial to research and understand your customers’ mindset.

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They draw connections

Marketing product benefits by describing features in a way that meets customers’ needs entices interest, and, moreover, gives them a reason to buy. Business consultant Laura Clampitt Douglas explains why this approach is important for sellers to understand:

“When you try to sell the features of your product or service, you’re making the customer do all the work to figure out why they want the feature. It’s in a seller’s best interest to draw the connection for them.”

They promise results

So, what’s in it for them? Do you know?

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The truth is that customers really don’t care about features, per se. Rather, it’s the end result they’re after; for example, the feeling, the objective, the goal. And thus by focusing your product’s marketing on benefits (that is, end results) you help them get there.


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