Why Your About Me Page is Key to Your eBay Success



Your About Me page is no less significant than a Professional Bio is for business success. And just as a professional bio’s purpose is to establish credibility in a particular niche, the same is true for the About Me page.

But keep it short and easy to read. And make sure it links to your auctions.

Tells the story behind the store

Why not share some fun anecdotes of how you got started on eBay? You’ll appeal to your customers’ curiosity and give them even more reasons to prefer your store over the competition.

Maybe you only sell products on eBay. Or perhaps you’ve expanded and are importing listings from eBay to other ecommerce sites like Shopify or Etsy for more exposure. It’s all part of your store’s story.

But no matter many channels you market through, your success always lies in creating an emotional connection with your customers.

Lets your personality shine

Here’s where you can talk about your hobbies and interests. In fact, the more “human” you can sound the better, because you want customers and bidders to be able to relate to you.

You can also share a sense of your personality by letting them know why you love doing what you do. Show your excitement and passion. Your enthusiasm is what breeds success.

Establishes a trusted identity

Your About Me page sets you apart as a professional by establishing who you are and where you do business. Furthermore, it allows you to combine personality with professionalism, which earns customer trust.

Aron Hsiao from The Balance emphasizes this point: “Let your bidders know that in addition to being a competent eBay businessperson, you’re also someone who simply has a lot of fun buying and selling online.”

Finally, a well crafted About Me page is a savvy sales pitch that doesn’t sound like one. Use it to be more successful.









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