EBAY SELLER blank notepad on desk symbolizes basics of writing item descriptions

Writing Item Descriptions: Basics You Need to Know

blank notepad on desk symbolizes basics of writing item descriptionsIf you’re writing item descriptions for your online store, it’s best to rely on the basics – and this means having a profound and accurate understanding of your target audience.

A Practical Approach

To understand your audience, you need to know what makes them tick. You can find out by creating a fictional person, or ideal buyer, who embodies the same behavioral characteristics as someone who would purchase your product.

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At its essence, effective product copy is the result of the following:

Knowing your audience’s core needs and desires

The goal is to not describe the product, but, rather, to define your market. What do they want? What is their primary goal? How will your product help them achieve that goal? Make it a point to know these things.

Using power words and keywords in the description

Power words are words that sell. They generate a reaction by piquing people’s interest and making them use their imagination. Examples include “you,” “imagine,” and “because.” Here are more: 64 Power Words that Add Rocket Fuel to Your Copywriting.

Keywords also sell, but are unique to a particular business. Simply put, they’re the specific words and phrases your target audience “googles” while shopping for your product. So you’ll want to optimize for them.

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Telling a good story that will entice customers

When you focus on what the customer will do with the product, you can define how it fits into their experience. By writing item descriptions that mirror your audience’s thoughts and desires, you can increase your visitor and response rates.

Making your point clear and concise

When you’re strategizing your selling points, it’s important that the tone match your intended audience. Just as important is using natural and conversational language.

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Writing item descriptions doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Nor should it ever be an afterthought. On the contrary, creating targeted product descriptions is the key to increasing sales, as they have the power to emotionally connect with customers’ needs.


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