cartoon eBay sellers jumping hurdles

3 Hurdles eBay Sellers Commonly Face (and what to do about them)

cartoon eBay sellers jumping hurdlesThe key to growing an eBay business lies in understanding who the customer is and how to interact with them. Indeed, apart from everyday retail concerns such as low sales or unsold inventory, there are three hurdles all eBay sellers commonly face.

Product Sourcing

First off, you need to decide what to sell. And then you can determine where to source your products and how to find the right suppliers.

There is quite a bit of information available online to help you form a sourcing strategy for your online business. In fact, I would highly recommend doing the research and implementing a plan based on your particular goals.

To be sure, the most successful eBay sellers are the ones who know that this is an ongoing process of tweaking and adjusting.

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Problem Buyers

Negative feedback or poor detailed seller ratings can really hurt, or worse, sink a business. That’s why eBay sellers need to do everything in their power to communicate effectively with their customers—from the start.

By letting a customer know everything they need to know about a product and purchase upfront, you’ll avoid disputes later on.

For example, you should always use very accurate photos and item descriptions.

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Likewise, you’ll want to provide buyers with clear condition information as well as any appropriate disclaimers, including your refund policy. And it should go without saying that refund requests be handled promptly and professionally.

Lack of Time

I think everyone, regardless of occupation, can relate to not having enough time. But, for eBay sellers and other ecommerce retailers, there is never enough time in the day. And this could be for one or two main reasons:

1) They’re still working a full time day job; and/or

2) They still perform their store’s operations manually

From order processing to inventory syncing, automation can free up time for you to concentrate on other areas of your business. And, who knows, maybe you’ll decide once and for all turn your eBay business into a full time career!


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