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group of people charting low cost marketing tactics

Here Are 6 Low Cost Marketing Tactics You Can Start Using Today

It’s important to remember that marketing costs are defined…
facts about inventory management animated checklist, boxes, and records

4 Fast Facts about Inventory Management You Need to Know

Inventory is anything you purchase for the purpose of selling.…
animated picture selling on eBay products being ordered and added to shopping basket

3 Easy and Effective Tips for Successfully Selling on eBay

There are, to be sure, a ton of detailed articles out there on…
plan a shipping strategy represented by globe surrounded by boxes

Plan a Shipping Strategy Both You and Your Customers Will Love!

Figuring out a solution to this dilemma is a challenge, that’s…
adding brand personality with colorful ribbons, gifts, cards, etc

The Key Benefits of Adding Brand Personality to Your Store

Adding brand personality to your store helps you stand out from…

Read What These 3 Experts Say About Ecommerce Blogging

Many online businesses either don’t have a blog or are without…
shopping cart, boxes, keyboard represent drive ecommerce sales

These 4 Essential Steps Will Help Drive Ecommerce Sales

The secret of how to drive ecommerce sales lies in your ability…
paintbrushes used as metaphor to word a product description

How to Word a Product Description the Right Way

Unfortunately, the value of a well written product description…
blank computer screen to create an ecommerce site

4 Useful Ideas to Create An Ecommerce Site that Stands Out

As of June 2018, there were over 1.6 billion websites on the…
woman packing boxes using ecommerce shipping strategy

Which Ecommerce Shipping Strategy Is Right For You?

Let me say straight out this is a huge topic for a short post.…
laptop with selling online graphics

3 Myths about Selling Online You Probably Still Believe

One of the biggest myths among potential sellers is that selling…
build a brand identity is like big fish in a small bowl

How to Build a Brand Identity to Increase Sales (4 Tips)

The goal of brand is to be recognized by customers. Therefore,…
managing an online business graphic with charts and colors

10 Fundamentals to Know About Managing an Online Business (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article, I touched on the importance of things…
managing an online business graphic with charts and colors

10 Fundamentals to Know About Managing an Online Business (Part 1)

“Life is like riding a bicycle,” wrote Albert Einstein in…
ecommerce store shopping cart on top of computer screen with emanating light

How to Make Your Ecommerce Store More Profitable

Sometimes all you need is the willingness to take a closer look…

Shopify Claims 500,000 Stores. Free eBay Import to Shopify replaced!

Shopify hits a new high. Shopify now has 500,000 stores (Shopify…
Auto Run Shopify or eBay

eBay Shopify SYNC

eBay Shopify Sync and Integration To the many new people reading…
Business owner demonstrating import eBay to BigCommerce success

Shopify Hits 400,000 Stores. MultiChannel to Shopify sellers take note.

Shopify Multichannel touches a new high Shopify now has 400,000…
Reaction to Mediocre review, not good

ECommerce Sales Mixed for - Q1 2017

Ecommerce shows marginal quarter after huge 2016 Our customers…
import eBay to BigCommerce dashboard 1

BigCommerce Store Setup for esa Product Manager for eBay Sync

This article looks at setting up your BigCommerce store. Let’s…
import eBay to BigCommerce API

BigCommerce V3 API is lightning fast with eBay

We’re finishing up several intense weeks of development on…
Quarter 4

E-Commerce Platform Financials Round-Up - Q4 2016

Our customers rely on various e-commerce platforms to run their…
Bigcommerce free trial

BigCommerce Free Trial for 15 days and why you should consider it

If you're considering opening an online store (and you should),…
ebay etsy sync changes coming

eBay Etsy Sync changes coming

Etsy is finally addressing some long needed updates to their…
President Trump

Multi-channel eBay seller and the Trump effect

There is great excitement in small business over the recent election…
shopify hacked

Shopify stores and databases hack ? Shopify eBay Integration ok

Arrived at work today and had an email notice from Shopify to…
BigCommerce install of esa Product Manager part 2

Import eBay Listings into Bigcommerce

As stated, internet sellers rely on various e-commerce platforms…
eBay Etsy Import Description example

Import eBay to Etsy, Part 2

Now, we continue this article set of Import eBay to Etsy, which…
eBay Sign In prompt

Importing eBay into Shopify, How To:

As always, the question is, how do I get an eBay Import into…
eBay to Etsy Product Organization choice

Import eBay listings to Etsy, Part 1

As always, the question is, how do I import eBay listings to…

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