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attract the perfect customer in 3 steps

How to Attract the Perfect Customer in 3 Clear-Cut Steps

If you want to attract the perfect customer you have to understand…
useful hacks for managing ecommerce shipping

4 Useful Hacks for Managing Ecommerce Shipping

Without a doubt, managing ecommerce shipping can be a burdensome…
call to action strategies you hadn't considered

3 Call to Action Strategies You Hadn’t Considered

The right call to action strategies can help boost response rates.…
brainstorming guide to writing seo friendly product descriptions

A Short Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

While this guide may be super short, it provides enough practical…
what sellers get wrong about online buying behavior

What Sellers Get Wrong About Online Buying Behavior

A customer’s online buying behavior is subjective. It can be…
ebay marketing tips to draw customers in

3 EBay Marketing Tips That Will Draw Customers In

The most effective eBay marketing tips make it easier for eBay…

The #1 Time Managing Hack for Ecommerce Success

For most businesses, time is a valued and finite resource. So…
sourcing bargain inventory image of estate sale

8 Practical Ways of Sourcing Bargain Inventory for Your Store

Ideally, you should already have a steady and reliable source…
product display example change your store's products

What Would Happen If You Change Your Store’s Products?

Wanting to change your store’s products means bringing in newer…

5 Ways to Create a Value Proposition for Your E-Store

Your unique value proposition (or UVP) is a summary of why…
pros and cons of offline marketing for eBay sellers

Pros and Cons of Offline Marketing for eBay Sellers

Whether focused on online or offline marketing, eBay sellers…
questions to ask about managing products across channels

3 Questions to Ask About Managing Products Across Channels

The process of organizing, integrating, and automating inventory…
a quick guide to identifying your ideal ebat buyer persona

A Quick Guide to Identifying Your Ideal eBay Buyer Persona

Seems like there’s a plethora of information out there on how…
ways to write an online store description

4 Powerful Ways to Write An Online Store Description

It doesn’t matter if your online store description is for eBay,…

Why Product Benefits Are More Marketable Than Features

A product’s features can definitely provide customers with…
key benefits of using multichannel listing software

The 4 Key Benefits of Using Multichannel Listing Software

With multichannel listing software, you’ll be able to automate…
what your online sales strategy says to potential buyers

What Your Online Sales Strategy Says to Potential Buyers

An online sales strategy is an ecommerce store’s plan for generating…
why ebaly sellers should be in multiple marketplaces

Why eBay Sellers Should Be in Multiple Marketplaces

Maybe you are on the fence and don’t know if this strategy…
starting an ecommerce business desktopn image

3 Key Thoughts When Starting an Ecommerce Business

Before starting an ecommerce business you may want to reflect…
desk with tablet ebay sell online

How to Easily and Successfully Sell Online Like a Pro

You will need an effective ecommerce strategy if you want to…

Shopify Claims 500,000 Stores. Free eBay Import to Shopify replaced!

Shopify hits a new high. Shopify now has 500,000 stores (Shopify…
Auto Run Shopify or eBay

eBay Shopify SYNC

eBay Shopify Sync and Integration To the many new people reading…
Business owner demonstrating import eBay to BigCommerce success

Shopify Hits 400,000 Stores. MultiChannel to Shopify sellers take note.

Shopify Multichannel touches a new high Shopify now has 400,000…
Reaction to Mediocre review, not good

ECommerce Sales Mixed for - Q1 2017

Ecommerce shows marginal quarter after huge 2016 Our customers…
import eBay to BigCommerce dashboard 1

BigCommerce Store Setup for esa Product Manager for eBay Sync

This article looks at setting up your BigCommerce store. Let’s…
import eBay to BigCommerce API

BigCommerce V3 API is lightning fast with eBay

We’re finishing up several intense weeks of development on…
Quarter 4

E-Commerce Platform Financials Round-Up - Q4 2016

Our customers rely on various e-commerce platforms to run their…
Bigcommerce free trial

BigCommerce Free Trial for 15 days and why you should consider it

If you're considering opening an online store (and you should),…
ebay etsy sync changes coming

eBay Etsy Sync changes coming

Etsy is finally addressing some long needed updates to their…
President Trump

Multi-channel eBay seller and the Trump effect

There is great excitement in small business over the recent election…

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