Bigcommerce free trial

BigCommerce Free Trial for 15 days and why you should consider it


If you’re considering opening an online store (and you should), you can get a BigCommerce free trial at

BigCommerce Free trial: Why BigCommerce?

Bigcommerce free trial


BigCommerce is among the top online store options available. You can literally, be up and running in a few minutes selling. The advantage of using a major company like this is they literally offer, for free, hundreds of themes get you up and running quickly. You can also pick up a paid theme here:

On the left is an example of a free theme. Not too shabby huh?  This is what your new store would look like. Ideal for a wide range of businesses and brands, this design is fully responsive, simple, and ready for you to add your branding, logo, and products, according to BigCommerce. Also, you’ll still need to verify basic store settings like ounces versus kilos or what your default currency is. However, this is already set for you for US eBay sellers.

The bottom line is BigCommerce gives you a BigEdge online.


BigCommerce Free trial: Selling Online

There are several important things to remember about your first online store:


What is search engine optimization or SEO?  This makes your products more visible to Google. BigCommerce goes into great detail here:


To me, price is everything when selling online. You have to beat the other guy, and can sneak prices up later once you’ve established a base of loyal customers. Or at least enough web traffic to chance higher prices. So, be prepared to bleed some money on lower prices at first.


You won’t start selling overnight, unless you have unusual products or some other substantial edge.  When there used to be but a few online stores, it was easier.  Today, we have competition, so that means you need to build traffic and customers slowly before you start seeing results. In some cases, those who didn’t employ SEO, but did have thousands of cool products took nearly a year before they started seeing great results! Don’t make that mistake. And don’t give up after a couple of months. It just takes longer to build a base these days, but if you work at it, it does happen.

esa Product Manager  Free Trial:

Don’t forget we connect and import from eBay (and Amazon soon) with eBay BigCommerce Sync at this link:

eBay BigCommerce Sync

Also, eBay BigCommerce Integration

eBay BigCommerce Sync





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