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BigCommerce Store Setup for esa Product Manager for eBay Sync


This article looks at setting up your BigCommerce store. Let’s start with the weight setting for example. A lot of store owners don’t know this, but BigCommerce provides a great way to setup your store, and this article explores the ones we see as most important. While BigCommerce provides some great defaults, you should verify this is what you want for your store. Here are step-by step instructions to access the Store setup and verify it’s want you want:

The BigCommerce Dashboard

First you have to log into your store and find the Dashboard on the upper left side of the screen:

In the dashboard, select “Store Setup”:

Now, select “Store Settings”:


The tab at the top shows the Website setting first.  For example, under Weight Measurement, select “Ounces”:

Why ounces? Because everything is (usually) converted to ounces before being imported from eBay. You can select Pounds, Kilograms, and Grams and it will be correctly converted as well. Now, for weight the bad news is, once you’ve imported, don’t change this setting, as you will need to re-import your items again to adjust things.


This controls how products are shown on your website. For most people, the defaults will suffice.


Make sure you turn on the ZOOM, as we import the best images possible from eBay and this lets people see all the detail!

You can also setup category images, so when that Category is being browsed, the special image you designate also shows up. Neat!


Sharing on other sites is a great way to sell products and meet new people.  While this does not impact our App, we recommend doing at least some of this to maximize your sales.


Please review and explore all the options BigCommerce provides for your store.



For a long time, Bigcommerce ignored the need for eBay integration. Today, we remain the best choice for full eBay integration for BigCommerce Stores. We are the only solution to sync products, prices and inventory seamlessly. We do not see this their Channel Management as competition, as those store owners with unchanging product lines were never our preferred customers.

Our App supports eBay Shopify integration and BigCommerce multichannel. Try us here:

We look forward to helping your business succeed in the coming months and years.

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