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BigCommerce V3 API is lightning fast with eBay


We’re finishing up several intense weeks of development on the new BigCommerce V3 API (Version 3 for geeks) and here is a brief update. Not only are the capabilities far ahead of V2, it’s fast. Really, really fast. And that’s great news for us and BigCommerce customers.

What’s new in V3:

Item Specifics

Wow, Nellie. Now with V3, you can grab other Item Specifics from eBay and add them to the Product Description. This has to help with SEO and Sales.   Just click the “Other Details” button under the Description:

Variants are now variants. No really.

Under V2, a variant, was an option, and options had sets. You had to create and track both, then attach them to the product. I found this to be unnecessarily burdensome. It resulted in numerous extra calls to the API before a Product could be completed. In BigCommerce V3? No more! Now, variants from eBay can be assembled on the side, and simply added to the Product Post. The BigCommerce API automatically creates all the options needed. Option Sets are apparently done away with in V3, the documentation indicates their will be no API endpoint.



BigCommerce V3 is still under “active development”. And while this part of the spec is not implemented yet, the ability to attach a body of images to the Product Post remains a future deliverable. I’ve received confirmation it’s happening, although “when” is an open question.


Our test runs are showing we can import 10,000 products an hour. This compares with V2, which was around 400 per hour. So BigCommerce V3 is a mere 25 times faster! To be fair, we aren’t counting images, because this part of the spec remains open. Right now, images are loaded in background.


Better Error messages

As shown in the photo, V3 provides better errors, so we can process more effectively. Pretty neat huh?

Get a free trial of esa Product Manager at Free Trial Link. We look forward to hearing from you with this exciting new BigCommerce V3 API.






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