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eBay Shopify Sync and Integration

To the many new people reading this article, this is what we do best. A complete eBay Shopify Sync, which includes updates of new products, inventory management, and price sync.  All of course, focused on small business.

The Process

How do we do this? We try to be as simple as possible. It doesn’t matter what listing tool you use on eBay. Just get the listing onto eBay and we do the rest.  We identify the new product, weed out duplicates and import whatever is new into Shopify.  Then we check the inventory / orders on both sites and adjust accordingly. We do the same with prices. It is easy, seamless, and saves you time.

Getting Started

  1. First, you need an eBay Account with items.  The items can be Unsold, or even Scheduled, you don’t need current Active items.
  2. Second, you need a Shopify Store for the eBay Shopify Sync to work. You can sign up for a free trial with Shopify here:
  3. Third, install our software into your new Shopify Store:
    • Open the link above.
    • Enter your new (or existing) Shopify Store name into the field.  We have added the “” portion for you so don’t enter that part.
    • Press the Activate for Shopify button.
    • If need be, Shopify will ask you to sign into your store
    • Accept the Installation.
  4. On your Shopify Store dashboard on the left side:
    • Click “Apps”.
    • Our logo looks like this:
    • Click our logo to open the app 

Setup eBay Accounts

The first time through, free or Paid, you must connect your eBay Accounts.  We cover that in this Video:

Become a Paid Customer to activate your eBay Shopify Sync

While we do run a free import to compete against the Shopify eBay Importer, the eBay Shopify Sync is only available to paid customers. The advantages of being a paid customer also, includes an option to strip (most) eBay Templates, Full-Size Images, Removal of Sold Items, and many more options.  Here is a screenshot of options:


Productivity Boost

Rather than manually juggling multiple CSV files and linking items on a Dashboard, use our App to increase your productivity and reduce labor costs. You’ll find we do both so you can focus where you should be – on your small business and success. We also support eBay Shopify Integration and BigCommerce multichannel.


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