Shopify Claims 500,000 Stores. Free eBay Import to Shopify replaced!


Shopify hits a new high.

Shopify now has 500,000 stores (Shopify source article).  And they have removed their free eBay Import to Shopify App.  Why, it was just earlier this summer when we discussed that Shopify claims to have crossed 400,000 stores (click here).  Maybe this has something to do with the upcoming eBay Integration?  That is, Shopify store owners will be able to directly list on eBay. Good for all, we say. In fact, we think it’s great!  However, there is no Sync process to keep things nicely updated on each end. Plus, the shop owner’s time is critical. So, if there is intensive manual effort involved, the benefit is not all that tangible.  Remember, eBay and Shopify (god bless them) want to make money first. Your needs as a small business come in second.

In the end, there are potentially hundreds of millions of small business out there who could multi-channel to Shopify and eBay for online sales and inventory management.

Huge Growth

As Shopify shows, the market out there is changing. eBay Sellers, take note: No longer do people sell only one channel. It’s important to reach as many customers as possible and that means branching out. Multichannel to Shopify sellers take a short term financial hit.  Is it worth is?  Sometimes it is.

eBay Importer retired Shopify eBay Importer gone

The infamous eBay Shopify Importer is no more, a recent email from Shopify announced.  As of early September, all support will be dropped for this product. In fact, Shopify has already removed this poorly-designed bear of an App from it’s App Store. And we say good riddance.  People either loved or hated that App with a passion, as it managed to garner more 1 star reviews than 5 star reviews.

Free eBay Import to Shopify

But no worries.  We support eBay Shopify integration and BigCommerce multichannel. And for those who need it, a free eBay Import to Shopify.

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esa Product Manager Services Summary for Shopify

  • Free eBay Import to Shopify
  • Paid eBay Sync with Shopify
  • eBay Shopify Integration
  • eBay Shopify Sync
  • Custom eBay Template removal
  • Custom software services
  • Many import options



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