photo of stationary and knitted goods to sell on etsy

When It Pays to Sell on Etsy—and When It Doesn’t Etsy is different from other online platforms and is not a marketplace for everyone

photo of stationary and knitted goods to sell on etsyCreative types have always chosen to sell on Etsy. Indeed, over time, Etsy has attracted its fair share of artists, craftspeople, and designers, all able to display and sell their handmade wares to a worldwide audience.

Sounds great, right?

Well it was. At one time.

But in recent years, Etsy’s marketplace has become oversaturated. Yet, there are still some positives to selling there.

Built In Audience

It could take years to build an audience if you’re selling your handmade or vintage goods through an independent ecommerce store. On the other hand, when you sell on Etsy, you’ll begin to generate potential traffic to your shop … from day one!

Nevertheless, it does take work to establish a brand on this unique platform. But it is possible, and, if done right, as marketing expert Brandon Gaille points outs, “The reward is the possibility of high-level income from the comfort of your own home.”

Advanced Tools

The cool thing is that, in a way, Etsy does the advertising for you. They pay for the Google product listing ads that drive traffic to your site. Obviously if you make money then Etsy makes money. Still, in the end, you benefit by having your shop promoted.

Of course you’ll need to do your part, too. Their easy-to-use search engine optimization tools allow sellers to tweak their shop’s listings, leading to more views that could ultimately convert into sales.

Lack of Differentiation

On the other hand, it’s very difficult for individual shops to stand out within this marketplace. That’s because Etsy does not give sellers the option of customizing their sites—other than having a shop banner and individualized listings.

Other than that, adds Gaille, “pretty much everything is standardized by the platform and that can create a look some sellers may not necessarily like.”

As a result, many sellers can easily feel like they blend in with the ever-increasing competition.

In the end, if you want to sell on Etsy it’s important to do the research. That way, you can determine if this platform matches your goals, despite any potential downsides.

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