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10 Expert Tips to Help Your Ecommerce Sales in 2018 (PART 2)

Calendar turning page to 2018 ecommerce salesIn Part 1 of this article, I shared five tips from ecommerce sales experts. In particular, they ranged from micro-targeted marketing and native advertising to back office automation to improve efficiencies.

Here are five more expert tips to help your sales in 2018:

Establish a strong, well-defined brand image

Paul Rogers of Vervaunt thinks that investing in your brand will inherently drive organic growth in other areas too, defining and targeting audiences via paid acquisition channels and, he adds, “being able to retain customers and promote relevant repeat purchase options based on what you know about your customer base.”

Expect to see more prevalent storefront apps

Industry expert Rotem Gal says that if a customer goes through the effort of downloading an app, then they may be loyal and trusting enough to make ongoing purchases.

“Given that mobile users spend 86% of their time within apps versus mobile sites, perhaps branded native smart phone shopping apps are the key to converting those once-fickle customers.”

Boil the entire checkout process into one easy step

PC Magazine’s Juan Martinez explains why this strategy can lead to higher conversion rates.

ecommerce sales bar graph moving upwards“Rather than driving consumers through exhausting data entry for every purchase, one-click allows brands to save consumer data and, when a consumer is ready to commit to a buy, pull up all of that information (e.g., shipping and payment data), so that consumers can finish the checkout with one click.”

Customer support needs to be top notch

The goal is to stop customer frustration before it starts by providing real time customer assistance. An ecommerce sales expert from offers this advice:

“In addition to chatbots, look into live chat, and self-service portals for customers. The latter isn’t anything particularly new, but it is important, and many retailers fail to provide these levels of support.”

Big data and analytics have transformed all industries

“Almost every action of the users can be turned into some kind of data today; and those data will assist ecommerce sites to know more about their target base,” notes internet marketing expert Sawaram Suthar.

What these ten tips underscore is the need for sellers to recognize the link between their ecommerce sales levels and the amount of resources they’re investing into understanding how and where their customers shop.

Indeed, Martinez sums it up best. “For e-commerce vendors, marketers, and brand managers, 2018 will be a year focused primarily on consumer convenience.”

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