2018 painted on highway that is heading towards horizon representing ecommerce sales

10 Expert Tips to Help Your Ecommerce Sales in 2018 (PART 1)

2018 painted on highway that is heading towards horizon representing ecommerce sales

I’ve gathered some helpful information from ecommerce sales experts on the best ways to give your business a head start in the new year.

“Focus on the micro-moments of your customers’ behaviors”

There is so much information overload these days that customers have become overwhelmed, and worse, they’ve reached a point of content shock – which is why the way brands capture their audience’s attention needs to change, stresses Carolanne Mangles from Smart Insights.

“Take advantage of native advertising to get more exposure”

Native advertising is a paid form of content appearing in business, entertainment, or news sites. But it takes time and effort to match the content style of a particular site. Nevertheless, this is an ecommerce trend that will likely get even more popular in 2018.

“It pays to take time to think about your customers”

What do your customers want and how can you be there to help? In other words, says Signifyd’s Mike Cassidy, put yourself in their shoes. Build customer personas to help you find out how they spend their time and what they need. And then act on the information.

“Be deliberate when building a marketing program”

Missy Hildebrand, a marketing consultant with Americaneagle.com, points out that your ecommerce marketing program shouldn’t be only about your website, but about all the different channels that you’re active on.

And adds that, “nowadays, customers are literally everywhere — online and offline. And so we need to be where they are, too.”

“Automation will drive back-office efficiencies ”

In a recent survey of several hundred retailers, notes Derek O’Carroll from Multichannel Merchant, it was found that technology had helped cut human errors by 65%. And there’s an additional benefit. O’Carroll explains that implementing automation technology will not only drive back-office efficiencies, but also free up retailers time to improve the customer experience and advance their personalization strategies—which will of course lead to increased ecommerce sales.

Here is Part 2 of this article.

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